• The Blackseed Group

    The Blackseed Group™️ believes in preserving and growing our clients assets to unprecedented levels through crowdfunding efforts. Everything we do is guided by three sets of core values which define our character and culture: Teamwork, Accountability, & Integrity. The Blackseed Investment club empowers members to learn and earn money in the stock market. This is done by pooling monthly contributions from our members and facilitating weekly discussions investment options as a group. Blackseed Shares allows investors to pool capital to purchase, rehab, flip or rent distressed single, multi-family and commercial properties.

  • Phēnyx Athletica

    Phēnyx Athletica is a premium quality athletic wear company that caters to both men and women. Our brand is made for individuals who are motivated to take their healthy lifestyle to the next level and are determined to "Rise Again" regardless of past failures. Phēnyx promotes exercise as a form of therapy to assist with anxiety, depression and other mental health obstacles. The Phēnyx represents rebirth and relentlessness to do life without any regret.


    Branded company with a not so subtle message to let people know not to steal your articles of clothing.

  • CrashBnb

    Rent out homes to flight attendants and pilots.